Rules and regulations

Base plein air Jean-Jeune camping paysage laurentides


La Base de plein air Jean-Jeune is committed to respecting and protecting the environment. We invite you to use the compost and recycling bins provided.

-Always behave respectfully towards employees, users and the environment.

– Water on site is potable; single-use water bottles are prohibited.

– Shoes must be worn on site.

– No pets are allowed.

– Groups must put away equipment belonging to the Base after use.

– Groups must put away their own equipment after use and clean up after themselves.

– It is strictly forbidden to light candles or incense in the rooms.

– The use, possession and consumption of drugs are prohibited at all times on site. Failure to comply will result in immediate dismissal.

– Smoking and vaping are permitted ONLY outside buildings around fire rings.

– In the event of damage to equipment or buildings, please notify management as soon as possible.

– Quiet is required throughout the Base between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

– During the night, we ask you to remain at your camp or accommodation.

– Fireworks are prohibited to protect the environment.

– Cars must remain in the main parking lot at all times and may not be driven on the trails.

– Young children must be accompanied by an adult at the playground.

Jean-Jeune advocates respect and protection of the environment.


– Before lighting a fire, please check the fire danger index (Sopfeu). Fires are forbidden if the risk of fire is very high.

– You must extinguish your fire with a pail of water. The use of a fire extinguisher is reserved for emergencies only.

– It is forbidden to light fires outside the fire rings already set up on site.

Règlements sur la baignade

– Swimming is prohibited outside opening hours.

– Glass containers, alcohol, cigarettes and vaping, fire rings and barbecues are prohibited on the beach.

– Swimming is permitted only in the swimming area, with due respect for other bathers. It is therefore forbidden to swim behind the boundary rope.

– A swim test is required to swim without a life jacket.

– Children aged 8 and under must be accompanied in the water at all times (within arm’s reach) by someone aged 16 and over. A maximum of 3 children aged 8 and under per attendant.

– No floating objects allowed in the water.

– Access to the dock is reserved for employees. It is strictly forbidden to swim under the dock.

– The passageway between the lifeguard’s chair and the beach, marked by cones, must be kept clear at all times.

– To gain access to water sports equipment stored at the Vareck, please ask an employee for assistance.

– To protect sensitive environments, please use the paths leading to the beach.


– Lifejackets must be worn at all times.

– It is preferable to paddle in a kneeling position to keep the weight as low as possible to avoid overturning.

– It is forbidden to capsize your own boat or those of others.

– Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed on the water.

– It is forbidden to dock or leave your boat anywhere other than the boarding area.

– Swimming is prohibited in the lake.

– Personal watercraft may not be launched.

– We recommend wearing beach shoes and protecting yourself from the effects of the sun (hydration, sunscreen, hat).

– Personal belongings should be well secured and protected from the water.

– Plan a return time before the beach closes.

– Check the weather forecast before leaving the beach. Do not use the boats during storms or bad weather.

Naturally, these rights are granted within reason, and any excesses or non-compliance with the rules will terminate your authorization. 

 Groups failing to comply with the rules may be fined or even expelled, without refund.

As the person responsible for the contract, I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my group is familiar with the rules and regulations of the Base de Plein Air Jean-Jeune, and I accept their conditions.